Junior Counselors

For campers entering 6th grade and up, the goal of our JCiT program is to develop leadership, communication, and team building skills that your child will be able to use in all areas of life, while also having their own unique and fun camp experiences including off-site field trips.

In signing up for this program, you will have opportunities to play with kids and build into their lives, serve alongside the full-time staff, as well as participate in your own activities with fellow Junior Counselors. You will be able to participate in many of the activities with the kids including field trips for adventure camps, and your own off campus excursions. We have high expectations for our Junior Counselors and would really like you to look inside yourself and make sure this program is a good fit for you. While it is designed to be fun, there will also be many responsibilities. We want to make sure we have individuals who are committed to the vision of Kruz Kidz.

Cost is only $75 for Discovery weeks, and $125 for Adventure weeks.

Our Junior Counselors are interviewed and require letters of recommendation to be sure they are a good fit for leadership roles and mentoring younger children. Please contact the Director, Yolanda Beaudoin, for application requirements at 831-465-3359 or yolanda@tlc.org.

Please click the link below to download the Junior Counselor application: