What people are saying about Kruz Kidz
“KruzKidz is an awesome place. My favorite camp is gymnastics because you get to do fun things and learn. I really really like to sing “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”. I love every counselor so so so much!”
-Maizie Besk (Age 7)


“I wanted to thank you and your Kruz Kidz staff for taking such good care of my children. They felt like they did something really cool this summer which is every parents’ hope. Both kids made new friends and consider the staff as friends as well. My children want to start going to church now.”


“I just want to thank you for the scholarship given to my daughter for the two weeks they talked about how much fun they had in the summer camp. They learned so much and they made new friends. My daughters are asking if they can continue coming. Please thank all the staff on behalf of myself and my girls. They really made a difference in the lives of the girls. Thank the staff for the big smile and welcoming spirit everyday.”


“I want to THANK each of you. My son has had the time of his life at camp. This camp experience will be with him for a life-time. Thanks again.”


“We just moved here in June and I have been so impressed with Kruz Kidz and the church. I will definitely sign them up next year and if you need volunteers let me know.”


“I wanted to write and express to you how grateful I am for the Kruz Kidz summer program. I feel that my daughters’ lives have been deeply enriched as a direct result of attending these camps. Each day, they come home filled with joy. They are anxious to share the highlights of their day with me. They show me their cheers, practice their lines with me, sing their worship songs, and/or tell me how awesomely fun it was to ride a wave, go down a slide, ride the bus- each day it is something different and exciting. Most importantly is the joy of Christ I see growing in my children.
The junior counselors are making a positive impact with the girls, and I always see the staff cheerful, encouraging and completely engaged with the kids. They serve as wonderful role models and I can tell my girls want to emulate them by the things they say when they are at home. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather have influencing my daughters at this highly impressionable age. I have been working on a nursing degree for 8 long years, and during this time, I have been privileged and blessed enough to have been granted scholarships to provide the girls with the gift of these camps. This community is indeed lucky to have an organization like yours, and I know it wouldn’t be possible without you and your staff’s hard work and dedication to make these camps the best of the best. In this you have succeeded. Please keep up the good work and thank you for allowing my family this incredible opportunity. I will be forever grateful as I watch the fruit of God’s love, through you, ripen in my children for years to come.” -Holly Devine